Our rubberwood comes from Medan, North Sumatra which is also known as Hevea brasiliensis. Rubberwood plantation are known for their economical value and widely planted.

Merkusii Pine

Our pine trees come from North Sumatra, which is also known as Merkusii pine (Pinus Merkusii). Merkusii pine is a plantation species found in higher grounds.

Plywood Tribukit ®

Our plywood is used in construction and furniture industry. This particular product is produced with utmost care and precision to ensure maximum quality control.

Film Faced Plywood

This is a special product selected from our top range plywood to produce film faced plywood which has better durability and water resistant compared with general plywood.


The trade mark of BIA, both a symbol of Quality and Eco friendly products, will continue to answer the needs of our customers.

About Us

PT. BUKIT INTAN ABADI (PT. BIA) was established in 1997, located in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, in an industrial complex occupying a land area of 5 hectares.

Our Location

Jl. Pulau Nias, Kompleks Pergudangan INTAN No. 38 Mabar, Medan 20244 North Sumatra - INDONESIA

Phone : (62-61) 6856118
Fax : (62-61) 6850795
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