Company Profile

PT. BUKIT INTAN ABADI (PT. BIA) was established in 1997, located in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, in an industrial complex occupying a land area of 5 hectares. Over the years, BIA has produced a wide range of products, its market spanned from Asia, Europe, to Australia. The company was granted JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certificate in 2004. The high standard required by JAS became our criteria in adopting a strict quality control process since then.

Our company update our products frequently and strive to achieve environmentally friendly products by using sustainable materials.

Our Future

We still believe that the future of the wood industry will look better after the shake up, albeit a much smaller number of factories left in Indonesia. The wood business people begin to understand that only sustainable timber will make their business sustainable.

The resources of natural forest have been exploited for too long, and it may not last forever. The only and most viable option for the wood community is to take care of the forest, both natural and plantation.

The trade mark of BIA, both a symbol of Quality and Eco friendly products, will continue to answer the needs of our customers.