Merkusii Pine

Our pine trees come from North Sumatra, which is also known as Merkusii pine (Pinus Merkusii). Merkusii pine is a plantation species found in higher grounds.

The trees are planted to extract a type of resin, which is used to support lacquer industry. One of the well known product derivative is turpentine.

The planting and harvesting of this species is regulated by the government. Once the trees have reached the age of 30 – 35 years, they are harvested to support our woodworking industry to produce value added products.

Our main product for PINE is Finger Joint Laminated Board.

Our pine FJLB also come a variety of grading rules :

  • A grade = both faces clear
  • A/AP grade = Top face clear, bottom face pinkish
  • AP grade = both face pinkish
  • B/S grade = both face blue stained
  • C1 grade = top face mix, bottom face heartwood
  • C2 grade = both face heartwoods