Timber Resource

The biggest concern today of the wood industry in Indonesia is the supply of material. Starting in 2004, logging activities in the natural forest has been heavily restricted, even so in '05 and '06. Today the impact is felt all over the industry. However, BIA is very much sheltered from the tumult, due to the foresight of the management in regards to the use and source of the raw material.

In the early days of BIA in 1997, forest wood like Light/Dark Meranti, Dark Red Meranti, Bintangor, Pulai Jelutung, Rengas, and other forest wood were the standard species used by BIA. Beginning 2001, BIA began to use species from plantation and sustainable resources, in anticipation of the coming changes in Indonesian forestry policy. Since then, Pine, Rubber Wood, Durian, Kemiri and some other previously untried species entered our timber mix and became very significant in BIA.

In 2006, BIA started with imported species as additional to the existing plantation species. This first imported species is Radiata Pine. Today, Radiata Pine products are made for boards, which are custom made. The boards can be as thin as 10mm. The finished board will be mostly quarter sawn edge glued and it looks very nice after the finish.

In 2008, BIA started with American Walnut and White Oak. These two species are now entering the European markets for multiple purposes such as table top, kitchen tops and stair cases.

We are quite familiar with the grain and natural features of these two species. Therefore, they are carefully sorted and graded according to their unique feature, color and come up with a piece of beautiful board. Our customers are happy with the quality we produce.

In 2009, the company diversified and expanded into other products and new market. The new products are panels and plywood. They are very well accepted into a diverse market area. Our market for these products spans from the Middle East, South East Asia and East Asia.

We keep on researching and expanding our product lines in order to achieve a diverse timber manufacturing company.

We strive to produce environmental friendly products by using plantation timbers to achieve ecologically sustainable environment.

At the moment, BIA produces both plantation local species and imported species hand in hand. All of them share the same trait, that they are ecological sustainable.